Friday, December 16, 2011

Mug Rug

I  needed a bit of a change from making all the blocks for the swaps and BOM;s so I decided to make a 'mug rug' for fun.  Was nice to  start  and finished something in the same day.  I put it on my hubby's table beside his chair.
Have been hand embroidering the blocks for Snowy Days by CrabApple Hill.  I want to get a few more done before I start the piecing of the blocks.

Watching the movie "RED" with hubby.  Not my type but..................

Happy quilting

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Dec. 11th  I  FINISHED the top.  Not without some issues.  First I had all the 12 ½ in. sashings sewn on to find that I cut them 1 ½” by 12 ½ instead of the 2 ½ by 12 ½.  So I ripped them all out and cut out the correct width so the strip with the 4 blocks plus sashing now measured the correct size of 54 ½.  After attaching the horizontal sashing strips and the narrow inner border I worked on the finishing up the QST’s.  Made the borders correctly – 18 on the sides and 16 top/bottom  Had the quilt on the floor with the correct borders in place.  Sewed the right side border on, then the left and the top.  Went to put the bottom on and lo and behold – did it again!!!  When I picked up the left side border, I turned it around accidentally so my un-sewing skills came in again.  Had to take off the top and the left side, turn the baby around and reattach left, top and then bottom.  I am pleased with the outcome.  Now to determine what to use for backing. I'll have to look at it and let it 'talk' to me.  

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mill Girl Ripping

I finished un-sewing the 15 strips.  I re-read and re-read again the directions and did the calculations on how many strips I needed to fix this.  Luckily I had enough background with about 7 inches left.  Sewed all the vertical sashings, measured and lo and behold, came out the correct size.  Continued to put the vertical sashings and then the inner border which was 1 1/2 UN-finished on.  Am working now on the blocks for the border.  Have about 8 done out of 70 and decided to clean my machine.  Even though I am using Aurifil thread, lint still collects under the feed dogs.  Will finish cleaning tomorrow and put in a new needle.

Took a ride over to The Bunkhouse Quilt shop this morning to show my Saturday Mystery blocks and pick up next months.  She was having her annual end of year sale- $7.00/yard- so there will be less inventory for her to count in the next few weeks.  I DIDN'T buy anything.  I have already sewn the 2 blocks for next month.  One was a framed pinwheel and the other courthouse steps - 6 1/2 unfinished blocks.

We went to a Christmas Party tonight - lots of good food and a few quilting buddies were there. Another party next Saturday night so will have to put off the diet I guess.

Tomorrow I have to clean out a cabinet that houses my 'batik' collection so hubby can move the cabinet.  He is spraying the ceiling in another room.  I hate living in chaos but it will be nice when it's finished.  I have adapted to piecing on the kitchen table and cutting/ironing on the granite counters which isn't really a lot of space.  Hard to press a decent size quilt on a ironing pad that is 20 x 26 ish.  Oh well.  Won't be long now.

Happy quilting

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Yesterday I was working on the sashings for the Mill Girl's Quilt Along.  I am a few weeks behind because of the cruise.  Had it all set to go with a little help.  In between each block (vertical) is a sashing strip 12 1/2 inches x 2 1/2 inches.  Then a horizontal 54 1/2 x 2 1/2.  I finished putting the 12 1/2 pieces on - 3 per row. So a total of 15.
Stopped to make dinner and after the kitchen was cleaned up I was going to put the rows together with the long sashing.  Started to do the calculations - hmm, this isn't working.  The book says to sew end to end 6 strips and cut into 54 1/2 inches.  I've got 4 blocks-- 48 1/2 + 3= 51 1/2 - hmm, short 3 inches.  A good time to quit. I think I need to go back to school for 'basic math'!!!

I wrote to one of the gals that is doing this quilt and she wrote back - the sashings are finished 2 inches - oh darn- it dawned on me that I cut them all 1 1/2 inches instead of 2 1/2!!!!  I know that if I adjusted the outer sashings I could make it work with the border but want to do it correct so I am RIPPPPPPING today.
Guess I need  a 'reading' lesson instead of a 'math' lesson!!!  

Hope you all have a better day quilting than I am.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

DH and I had a 'togetherness' day today.  I accompanied him to his 'woodworking' club in Canterbury, NH.  Started at 9AM and finished promptly at noon.  Tom, the speaker, was showing a neat way to make dovetails and applying veneers.   His shop is HUGE - approx. 26 x 55 ft. with an upstairs.  What could I do with this for a sewing / quilting room!!!  

While sitting there for 3 hours listening, I was hand embroidering a block from my Snowy Days (Crab Apple Hill) project.  I'm not speedy with project.  Think i have spread myself a bit thin lately.  I have all the fabrics chosen for the Toyko Subway quilt which also is on the back burner.  Oh well.

Thanksgiving dinner was at my daughter's so yesterday I cooked a turkey for us.  We both like homemade turkey soup so a few more dinners out of this bird before soup time.

I finished block 2 blocks yesterday for Christmas at Elm Creek.

 Christmas Eve
Christmas Star

Three more months plus the center.  Also have to finish the Christmas Cactus - just need to put the red berries on but I need to be in the mood for applique.  

Monday night I go to  hand piecing/hand quilting class.  I am behind on that as well.  Loosing power for 5 days and then going on the cruise for 10 I got behind in a lot of projects.  
We leave Christmas Day for Texas for a week so I had better get myself really motivated!.

Off to clean up the kitchen,

Happy Quilting

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

While most people headed off to the mall's, my favorite quilt shop - The Bunkhouse Quilt Shop in Lyndonborough, NH had their own 'Black Friday' sale. This sale was the idea of Wanda's granddaughter.  Wanda (owner) opened the doors at 5 to 7 AM.  I was there at 5:35 AM and the place was crowded.  Wanda said that people were at her door at 4:30.  Amazing what we do for a fabric sale.  All fabric was $6.00/ yard - not included were wide backs and I think flannels.  The store emptied quite a number of bolts and people were lined up for cutting for 20 mins. or so and there were 3 cutting areas.

I had to go of course to pick up my BOM's so I figured I might as well take advantage of the sale. Yes, I contributed some to keep the economy going but not nearly as much as others.
This picture was taken at 6:10 AM from just one angle of the store.
I wonder how much of the fabric that was purchased is for 'inventory'!!  I know mine is!

Now off to clean up the kitchen and start my BOM's so I don't get further behind.
I will post later about our cruise.

Happy quilting!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Last night at 7:46pm we got power. It is amazing what can make you happy.  As soon as hubby re-connected the wires from the generator back to the fuse box we were back in business.  Went to our neighbors and re-connected her because her hubby was coming home until after 10pm.  After a glass of wine to celebrate we walked back home and that Maytag started doing her thing!!  Amazing how 2 people can create so much laundry!

Up early this morning to get the house in order before we leave for vacation. Off to Logan airport (Boston) at 11:30.  I will take hand embroidery with me - working on Snowy Days by CrabApple Hill.

Happy quilting

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ready to cry!

Thursday, 10:50 am - still no power.  Phone just came back again so I at least have internet.  Now the question is - how are we going to know if the power is back on?  With the generator on the main switch is off.  Guess we'll have to depend on neighbors without generators

This morning I picked up more of the branches that fell and  raked the little ones so there are piles now around the yard.  Removed some bigger ones that fell on my forsythia which is now partially broken.

Leaving tomorrow for Texas- guess I will have to bring dirty clothes with me and wash them there for the cruise.  I am frustrated.  Hmm, wonder if 'drinking' would help!!!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 4+

OK, this is getting old.  DH got the internet up yesterday so at least I feel somewhat connected.  I just have to thank my son for getting us this generator about 4 weeks ago.  He said - :Ma, you'll never be in the dark again". Well, I figured since we had one now we wouldn't need it - WRONG!!!  Hubby got the heat, refrigerator and a couple of lights.  No water.  Needed a different plug - a 240/20A for the pump.  None to be found.  So, call my son - he went to Home Depot in Somerville, MA and go us one. So, down to his house Sunday early evening- they weren't back yet but I jumped in the shower just in case.  Got home about 7:30, DH went in the basement and installed the plug - YEAH!!!  Water and it is HOT!!!.  Our stove, a Bosch, is dual - gas cooking and electric oven.  At least we can have some sort of decent meals.  I had to move everything from the spare refrig/freezer in the garage to the freezer in the kitchen.  Lost  a bit but that's ok.

I am stressing though.  We are suppose to leave Friday am for Texas then to Ft. Lauderdale for our cruise which leaves Tues. the 8th..  I called the power company and according to the bloody recording etc, we may get power somewhere between midnight Thursday and midnight Friday.  I can't leave this house with no power!!  I am panicking

Also have a neighbor watching my Abigail (ragdoll cat).  She is going to be so pissed at me.

No sewing unless by hand -

I just made another run to the gas station to fill up the container - this is getting very very old.  I don't remember this being in the 'marriage' contract!! Oh well.  Need a cup of coffee then outside to start picking up the mess from the branches - if  I can find the bow saw.

My friend in PA called yesterday to tell me that they lost power Saturday and got it back last night at 5:15.  Also got 10 inches of snow.  So it is not just us.

Happy quilting my friends - I am jealous!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Snow - Oct. 27, 2011

Yup, first snow fall.  Won't last though because tomorrow is suppose to be a bright sunny crisp fall day.  Way too early for this!
I had to cover up my 'mums' with sheets because they are saying we will get a killing frost - I try to keep them until after Halloween.

Oh well, I do live in New England!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Great Weekend

DH is in RI for another week.  Class ended Friday after his exam.  He drove home (2 hrs one way) to pick me up and we drove back to Providence.  Friday night we had a delicious Italian dinner @ Mediterraneo in the Federal Hill section of Providence.  It was pricey but very good.

Saturday we had breakfast at the Hilton Hotel where he is staying. After breakfast we put on our walking shoes and off we went.  We WALKED all over Providence.  From the State House to Prospect Hill down Benefit Street which is very old homes, churches etc.  This is the oldest First Baptist Church in America - 1635.  
We continued walking up hills and down hills (my muscles are beginning to hurt) toward Brown University.  I liked the doors on this Episcopal Church so had to take a photo

Ah, finally Brown University.  A nice campus with both very old buildings and some newer.  However, there were some protest tents in the court yard area.  Couldn't pass up Mr. Bear.
Continuing to India Point where a number of people were fishing from the pier for bluefish,  through the jewelry distract, along the riverwalk and back through the financial district to come across LOTS and LOTS of protesters just like in NY. Signs all over the fences but there weren't at all roudy.
Finally heading back to the hotel - past the Westin Hotel which is quite tall and pretty lit up at night.
It was a beautiful day and we must have walked close to 20 miles.  Back in front of the Hilton we looked at each other and decided we needed a coffee.  So, continuing to walk a few more blocks to the beginning of Federal Hill to DUNKIN DONUTS - back to HH and to the 12th floor for our room - ahhhh, coffee and a cannoli we bought at a nice bakery.  A little rest and back to Federal Hill for dinner at another restaurant.  Luongo's.  OK but not as nice as the Mediterraneo.  Too pricey for the amount of food.  Like a 4 inch square of lasagna and 1 meatball was $24.00.  After dinner we walked to the mall which is 3 floors of every store you could think of.  
I was in bed at 9:30 and woke in the morning with every muscle in my body aching.  Man, I didn't know I owned some of those muscles but it was a nice day.

Sunday after breakfast we drove home.  I made a flannel sheet, pillow, mattress for my granddaughter's cradle for her American Girl doll.  DH was watching a football game.  We then left for my daughter's birthday dinner taking two cars as DH left early to drive back to Providence for another week of school.

Was a very nice weekend and now back to reality.  Today it took me 3 hours to mow the lawn because the leaves are falling and it doesn't take long to fill the grass catchers.  No sewing for me today.  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Painting Saga 3

Welcome to my sewing room!!
I had to move all this stuff plus MORE to any place I could find space

Hubby at work - bagging the room.  

And here we go!!!  Spraying that blasted 'popcorn".  We borrowed the hopper sprayer from a neighbor.  Hmm, maybe he could do this as a side job!! Yeah, right.  He did 3 rooms upstairs, my sewing room and 2 bathrooms.  The formal livingroom, where the long arm is, will have to wait now until he gets home.  Hubby left last night for two weeks travel.  When he gets back he will then spray the ceiling with paint.  Then I can start painting the walls. 

Almost done with this part.
This next picture is where he put his foot through the ceiling while running cable in the attic.  Oops, I slipped he told me  Well, there was insulation all over my serger.  Took him a few years and a few bats to fix it.  Looks good.  Once it is painted nobody would know.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


 Hubby wanted to go for a motorcycle ride instead of working on my ceilings.

It was in the 80's, sunny, beautiful blue sky - couldn't ask for a nicer day here in New England.  So off we went to Jaffrey, NH via back roads to Kimball's Ice Cream.  Kimball's has been in business for a long long long time - my parents would take us to the Westford, MA location when I was little.  Anyway, the bike had to stop - as you can see, quite sinful but we haven't been there for a couple of years.  Couldn't believe how the prices have escalated - this is called a Kimball's special - $6.50 - whew - back in the 60's they were 50 cents.  Oh well, a splurge occasionally.
The only thing missing was color - very very little this weekend.  Ideal weather - warmish during the day and cool at night.  However, there are still a lot of 'leaf peepers'.  Weathermen says we are a week behind this year.  Oh well.  Nice day anyway.

Since DH has tomorrow off, may go on another ride so there goes the hope of the ceilings getting done.  He only has a week left because he will be going to Rhode Island for two weeks, then we go on vacation for 10 days.  I HATE living in chaos!!!  Especially my sewing room.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Hubby finally hung my quilt in the family room.  It makes the room looked finished.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Painting Saga 2

Well, this is my sewing room - unfinished.   Hubby has borrowed a 'popcorn' sprayer.  He tried it in the bathroom and turned out ok.  Now he is waiting for a paint sprayer to arrive - should be tomorrow or Saturday.  Had to get special nozzles for latex paint.  Once the ceilings are done then I can start rolling the walls.  In the meantime I am having 'withdrawals'.  I am going to set up my machine tomorrow and at least work on some blocks.
If you look under the shelf bracket you can see a patch of yellow for the walls.  I have blinds that go in the windows but I am not going to put valances back up,

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Painting Saga

Didn't go so well.  The painters patched the popcorn ceilings where needed.  They started to paint the ceilings - NO GOOD!!!  Popcorn lifted.  The builder never primed before painting so it has been an uphill battle every time we paint.  They said that the only way to have it come out is to hire a plaster guy, scrap the ceilings and either skim coat smooth or respray.  I am sick.  Then the colors we chose looked good on the swatch but when I painted a spot on the wall - ok but not totally liking them.  Have to live with the choices for a bit at 32.00 a gallon.  Oh well.

DH and I just walked to a neighbors and got some fresh eggs (yes, they are allowed) and borrowed a hopper to try to spray the ceilings.

I would like to sew but don't dare bring out the machine when DH is working on the 'honey do' list.


Saturday, October 1, 2011


The painters arrived this morning.  My house is in turmoil-stuff everywhere.  98% of it is sewing/quilting related.  Why oh why do I have so much stuff.  They are working on the ceilings first.  DH and I will head out to Home Depot soon to buy the colors for walls.  Two bathrooms, sewing room and living room.  Will be nice to have them done and then the job of putting everything back.  Yuck!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Christmas Greetings from Elm Creek

I was ambitious this month.  This block isn't due until October but I did it Sept. 11.  Just didn't post it to the group until now.  Nice to be ahead but I still need to put the berries on the cactus block from a few months ago.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mill Girl's

Mill Girl's quilt a-long starts October 16.  I will be gone for two weeks so I am trying to get a head start.
My sewing room is in turmoil due to the painting project so don't know where or when I will start sewing.  At least I got this far.

Happy Quilting

SBS update 2

I am sitting here on the front porch enjoying this beautiful fall day here in southern New Hampshire.  Blue sky, sun, mid 70's and slight breeze.  Leafs are turning - couldn't ask for better.

Had therapy (applique group)  this afternoon,  9 of us this week.  Got a bit of hand work done but we all had good laughs. We don't meet again for 2 weeks. We need something the first Tuesday of the month.  I think I will call the library to see if the room is available.

Could you all hear the scream last night!   DH had thatched the lawn and was getting ready to throw down some grass seed.  He had asked me to take the riding mower down to the mulch pile and empty it.  I had backed it up ready to get off when I looked ahead and saw this HUGE ENORMOUS UGLY BIG BLACK SNAKE!!!!  The scream was so loud that DH heard it over the motor noise.   DH went to check it out and said it was about 5 feet long.  Well, that ended it for me.  I HATE snakes.

This picture is of my SBS sashed - I had to take it sideways to get it all in.  But you get the idea.
140 blocks 6 inch blocks - machine pieced, hand pieced and hand appliqued.  I now have to think about the borders.  May be sitting for a bit as I have lots of other projects to do.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

SBS update - 1

Not a terrific week - Abigail Anne, our ragdoll cat spent 2 nights at the hospital.  She has a urinary tract infection and an upper respiratory virus.  She is not a happy girl.  I have to give her two pills twice a day - one is an antibiotic and the other is an appetite stimulant.  The stimulant doesn't seem to be working - side effect of the antibiotic is loss of appetite but she starting to drink more and being more social.

I have finished all the sashings on the SBS.  Now it will sit until I can determine what to do for a border.  I have a king size bed so would like to make it a bit wider - presently is 71 x 99.  So it will sit for a bit.

In the meantime, I have been working on the Mill Girl's Quilt - this is being done as a quilt - a - long on the yahoo group.  Button is on the left sidebar.  This starts on the 16th of October but since I will gone for 2 weeks  in Nov. I am trying to get a head start so I won't be in panic mode when I return.

A painter is coming to paint and repair ceilings - we have popcorn which we both hate but have to deal with it. So that means to clear out rooms - formal living room is where my long arm is (we have a family room on the opposite end of the house) along with two tables, book case to hold my quilt books, and a cabinet that holds my batik collection.  I have moved as much as I can so they can work around the quilt frame which is 12 feet.  Also houses a piano and Gov. Winthrop desk.  I need to sell these two pieces - interferes with my sewing stuff.
Then, my sewing room- YIKES - this is a bedroom upstairs - I have a built in closet system that is full, a cabinet approx. 18w x 24d x 82h with 3 cedar drawers that houses heirloom lace, blanks for embroidery, dress fabrics etc.  Can't move this unless I take everything out of it.  Sewing machines are on custom corner units which are going to have to dismantle.  At least the drawer units are on wheels so I can move them around.  Anyway, after the ceiling is painted I will have them paint the walls.  Leaning towards a very pale yellow tone although my favorite color is blue.  I was thinking of changing the lighting to recessed but hubby didn't like that idea so will stay with  the track light over the machine and two fluorescent fixtures -2 tubes each.  I will not be able to sew for a couple of weeks unless I take a machine down to the kitchen and put it on the counter.  Cutting will be an issue.  Hopefully it won't be more than two weeks.
I hate living in chaos!.

Time to cook dinner so until later - Happy Quilting.

Friday, September 16, 2011

SBS update

I have decided it is time to get back to Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.  I had the blocks done and the sashing cut.  Guess they needed to 'rest'  before becoming one.  So finally got them ALL sashed - some I had to take out because I had the orientation wrong.

This took a bit of time - blocks are 6 1/2 with sashing 1 1/2 x 6 1/2.  Done finally so now to the next step to put them into rows.  I was pondering with changing the layout but decided, what the heck - might as well make as the instruction said so 10 rows by 14 blocks.

Again, following the instructions, I have cut the sashing strips to go between the rows so will do that later tonight.

While doing all the mindless sewing, I also have been listening to a book on my iPod -
The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny.  It is the 3rd book in a series of 5 or 6 mysteries that takes place in Three Pines, Quebec.

Off to have pizza with our neighbors so until later  - Happy Quilting.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Frustrating Day - oops week

Started the week off with internet issues - Fairpoint Communictations - all started because DH and I are thinking of getting Netflix.  How could we stream a movie if we can't even get a smooth You Tube. So I put a call in to Fairpoint - found out that they have been charging us for 3Mbps but we were only receiving if lucky 1.4.  Hmm, numerous calls - back and forth from customer service (where ever they are) to internet tech support (found out they are in Austin, TX).  Anyway, I must have spoken with 12 different people and found out that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.
Then yesterday found out that Fairpoint was down in New Hampshire until at least 4pm - they claimed they were updating a board.  Well, guess what - no internet.  Numerous calls today and I even called the president of Fairpoint in Charlotte, NC.   Finally a few minutes ago - 7:55 pm we got internet back.
Here in NH we are stuck - either have Fairpoint or Comcast(Xfinity -worse I hear) so guess we have to deal with it.

Saturday I went to The Bunkhouse to pick up my Saturday Mystery - Month 3 - these little puppies measure 6 inches finished.  Aren't they cute!!

Also picked up Month 7 of Tonga Rhapsody.
I finished them Saturday night.

Yesterday I went back to The Bunkhouse to get the wide backing for Tonga Rhapsody.  Wanda had gotten in a few bolts and if you bought it in September she gave a 15% discount.  Not too shabby.

That's it for now.

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another day of Rain

Monday night I went to Hand Piecing at The Bunkhouse Quilt Shop. Not a very productive evening. The blocks we are making are 16 in. finished so the pieces are quite large which makes it easier to work with. This project has 25 blocks and is a quilt as you go which I have never done.
I have been working on two blocks - 8 pointed star and weather vane. The 8 pointed star is made with 2 colors and a strip background. We have to trace templates, add the 1/4 in., cut them out single layer. I proceeded to sew these units together. Hmm, why aren't they going together - I cut them per instructions - then it dawned on me - I forgot to flip the template. DUH!!! So back to tracing. The corner units and the triangle are stripe - the corners went together perfectly, stripes matched - good. Now to cut the triangles to match the corners - placed the template on the corner piece and put the registration marks - placed it on the stripe fabric, traced, added the 1/4 in. and cut it wrong - so try again. Did the exact same thing. At least I wasn't the only one that messed up- Wanda forgot to flip her template also.
At least the weather vane has been going together fine. I got two more blocks to prep -dresden plate and log cabin. At least we all had some good laughs. Think I will bring wine next month!!

I finished two quilts - quilted, bound and label. Photos are in my album (click on finished quilts) and look for Tale of 2 Kitties and BFQG Mystery 2011.

I just got an email from Ben Franklin store in Raymond, NH - sale starts Saturday, Sept. 10 for a couple of weeks - they buy lots of fabrics from stores going out, surplus etc. $2.77 per yard!!
Have to go often as they bring out so much per day. Last year I got some RJR, Moda, Kaufman and others. They do this sale twice a year - Feb. and Sept. A good time to buy yardage for backings.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Where has the time gone!

I can't believe I haven't updated the blog since the end of May.  The last 2 weeks of June I went to Texas to 'dog sit' for Lola (Jack Russell), think she has ADHD, but she is cute and she loves her 'gram'.

Then in July I became 'gram' again to Lucic (Looch - after the Bruin's player, ).  He is going to be a big boy when he growns up but he is a cuddly, lovable Rotti..  He is about 8 weeks here.

June/July I wasn't very productive with sewing/quilting.  I have made up for it in August.  I got caught up with my Tonga Rhapsody BOM; Saturday Mystery BOM; Christmas Greetings from Elm Creek  BOM - August is done but I still need to go back and put the red berries on the cactus.   I quilted (longarm) 2 quilts - 1 needs a sleeve on the back and the other is ready to sew down the binding.  Also mailed of 25 blocks last Friday for the Christmas Star swap to the hostess.

Hubby put a tv in the bedroom - he was in the attic running satellite cable - I was on the bed filing my nails - out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash - the screams could be heard miles away - it was a BAT - flying from room to room - John had to hurry out of the attic - open all the doors/windows -  where did this come from!!!  My screams must have scared him.

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of watching "Irene".  We lost our power at 11:08AM and were lucky to have it return at 3:05PM.  I hate it when we lose power - we have a well so that means no water, no toilets, no shower no nothing.  Fortunately I have a gas stove so at least I can cook.  Thought we were all set then at 11:37 PM power went out again and didn't come back until 7AM this morning.  Hubby gets up at 4AM so he didn't have any light to shave so he took his razor to work.
We didn't have any damage.  Just little twigs and leaves from the heavy rains - about 5 inches - and winds.  Couple of the neighbors had trees come down.  Today, you couldn't ask for a nicer day - 77 degrees, low humidity, sun shining and bright blue sky.

I volunteered to put a binding on a QOV for the Bedford guild.  I got that done yesterday so will deliver it tomorrow or Wed.

That is a brief update of what I have been doing and to think that Thursday is September already!!!

Happy quilting

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hand Piecing

I signed up for this hand piecing / hand quilting class at the Bunkhouse Quilt shop (my favorite) - I am on my 3rd block for piecing - haven't started the quilting yet - oh yeah, this is quilt as you go.  Some are only doing 4 blocks but crazy me - I said I would do the 25 - over the course of 2 years.
Now have to add the top and bottom row.  I am quite pleased.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sun Still Shining

We have had very nice, bright sun for the last few days.  A bit warm for me -80 with humidity but I can live with it.  We are very fortunate here in New England - we have some terrible winters but we don't get the tornado's like Missouri/Oklahoma/Texas/Mississippi etc..  My heart goes out to all those who lost their families/homes.

My son (landscaper) came up on Sunday and did our spring cleanup- trimmed bushes, thatched, weeded, mowed the lawn, transplanted some bushes and put down 8 yards of bark mulch.  He and his workers were here at 9am and didn't leave until 5:30.  The yard really looks nice.

I went to my daughter's in MA this morning to pick up the power washer - DH is out washing the deck so we can stain it.  Hopefully will get done this weekend.

I put the first border on my blue/yellow last night - did some calculating for the wide border  - the original layout for that was 72 x 72 so I only had 1 7/8 yard of border fabric.  I called Bunkhouse Quilt shop this morning and luckily she still had some of the yellow that I need - so tomorrow will go and buy another 2 1/4 yards - the quilt measures 50 x 74 at the present - will end up being 66 x 90. Oh well, I am sure I can find a use for the 1 7/8 - good thing I like it.

Picked up block 3 of Tonga Rhapsody - these instructions are so nice and the blocks go together nicely.

Elm Creek Christmas BOM - June block is Christmas Cactus - oh boy - is this going be a challenge.  I made the cut out by folding the paper in quarters and stapling 1/4 of the pattern on - did a little paper doll cutting - been a long time -tonight I ironed the freezer paper to the green.  Ready now to cut around the pattern leaving a 1/4 of an inch.  I probably will needleturn onto the background fabric and once started will trim the seam allowance as I go.  It is going to look nice with the red berries/green cactus on the batik background.

Have to take a rest now so I can figure out how I am going to approach this.

To all my quilting friends -good night.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blue & Yellow

Completed block 12.  These are 12 inch finished blocks and the quilt is suppose to be 5 x 5 blocks but I am not fond of square quilts so I am going to make it 4 x 6 blocks which will finish the quilt approx. 66 x 90.

There will be a 1 inch blue inner border.  The outer border is 8 inches and is yellow print.

Finally we saw SUN!

What a week.  Rained everyday.  Depressing to say the least.  But today the sun finally came out and it was warm - mid 70's.  Felt nice for a change.

Went to Bunkhouse Quilt shop this morning for our blue/yellow BOM.  Picked up the last block.  12 blocks cost me $5.00 as long as I showed the one we picked up the previous month.  Finishing kit - well that is a different story - around $60.00 without backing.  We bring  block 12 back on June 11th.   Also picked up block 3 of Tonga Rhapsody.  We don't have to do show n tell with this one.
Can't believe that I signed up for ANOTHER!!  Starts July 18 for 12 months.  I must be crazy.  This one is a 'mystery ssampler' so have no idea what color or anything.  Wanda assures us that we will like it.  She knows us so well.

DH is on his way home from Myrtle Beach.  It's at least an 18 hour drive but hauling a trailer with 3 heavy motorcycles, not sure - will see him sometime tomorrow.  Can't wait to hear what his week was like.  He has to be at work Monday at 6AM so I am sure they will be tired.

Had 8 yards of bark mulch delivered this morning.  Landscaper (son) and his guys will be here in the morning to do the spring cleanup then spread all the mulch.  I spent 3 hours today mowing the hayfield.  Took forever - must have been 6 inches high from all the rain.  Looks nice.

Back to my piecing

Happy quilting

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Another day of heavy rain.  Pretty soon we'll all be 'quacking'!!  The weather people are saying we may see that golden object called sun by Saturday.  Of course, with all this rain the grass will soon be a hay field.  I will have my work cut out for me when it dries up.  

Husband - May 2, he had hernia surgery and where is he today - Myrtle Beach, SC attending "bike" week.  The surgeon wasn't too happy saying that he does not want his patients to drive or fly 10 days after surgery.  But, John being a stubborn 'German'  left Friday at 5pm with 2 other guys in a pickup hauling 3 bikes in a trailer.  He texted me at 11 am Saturday saying they just got there.   He will get a lot of 'riding' in for sure.  He called yesterday from  the Harley dealer asking if I wanted anything - told him NO, nothing from the Harley shop but you know, you can always bring me fabric.  He told me he went by a quilt shop.  He said he wouldn't know what to get - told him that if he really really liked it, 3-4 yards, questionable - 2, iffy - 1 yard.  We'll see if he brings me any. They will pack up everything and start heading home on Saturday.

I got this crazy notion to wash the windows in this house - lots of them - I finished my sewing room yesterday so all are done in the house - garage is next  but will have to wait until the rain stops.  Getting this spurt of energy my quilting / blogging took a step back.  

Today we had a 'potluck' lunch at guild.  We voted in new offices for next year.  My friend is now president.  
There were a lot of very pretty quilts shown for show 'n' tell. 

Quiliting - I am participating in a Friendship Swap where 22 blocks are made.  Mine are complete and sent to the hostess even though they aren't due until August. 

These little triangles I cut off all 22 blocks.  Don't know what the heck I am going to do with them, but they are cute!! Approx. 1 1/4" un-finished block.  I have to be crazy.

Now have to start the next swap - due in September.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another nice day! (sort of)

Yesterday, Monday, May 2nd was Kelly's (Texas granddaughter) 16th birthday.  She has had her learner's permit for a year and now will be going for her 'real' license.  Scary!!  She already has a jeep  her father (my son) bought  for her when she got her permit.  Bad thing - when I go down I won't have access to a vehicle now.  Will have to check to see if her sister's is still registered as she is away at medical school.

John (husband)  had hernia repair yesterday.  It didn't take very long - we were at the hospital at 9am - you know all the paper work and stuff - and then they took him to the OR and we walked out of the hospital at about 11: 15.  He thought he was going to go to work today  but changed his mind when he didn't sleep well last night.  Moving slowly.  Wonder when he will start listening to me!!

John bought me an iPad2 for my birthday.  It arrived yesterday afternoon.   Takes a bit to get it set up the way you want.  I hate reading help!

Last night I went to my 'hand piecing' class at the Bunkhouse Quilt Shop.  NO rotary cutter, sewing machine etc.  have to  cut templates and draw, mark the 1/4",  hand piece - she wants 3 blocks done before we can start quilting them.  The blocks measure 22" square finished.  This is a good learning experience and really appreciate the 'modern' techniques and tools.

Today, Tuesday,  have to clean the house before I can go back in my 'room' and sew.  I suppose I should go to the grocery store but ...........

Until later
Happy quilting

Friday, April 29, 2011

Nice Day!

It was a nice day today.  I got up this morning at 4:13 AM to watch the Royal Wedding.  It was so nice to see something on tv that was a happy occasion - all we have been hearing about lately is  Afghanistan, Irag, Libya, Syria,  Tsunami, Hatti, and now the tornado's - so for me, watching the wedding was something HAPPY and exciting.

Later this morning, my friend and I went to the Bunkhouse Quilt shop (link is under my favorites).  The owner is a wonderful lady who has 'flunked' retirement 2 times.  Any time during our birthday month, she gives us 1/2 of our age off as a percentage on one item.  So today I bought backing.  She also had yesterday and today 25% off end of bolt sale.  I did a bit of damage but my friend did a lot more.

I only got two blocks made this afternoon.

 DH and I met one of my son's, daughter in-law; daughter, son in-law and 3 of my grandchildren for dinner at an Italian rest. in Andover, MA..  Found out that my son had flowers delivered but they went to the wrong house.  I called the neighbor to ask if she got flowers for me and she answered yes.  I asked her if she would put them on our front porch.  When we got home, there they were - out of the wrapper - just in the vase in the middle of the porch.  My name was on the card so she knew clearly they weren't hers.  Angered me.

Husband bought me an iPad2 which should be delivered Tuesday.  So all in all, today was a good day and the sun was shining most of the day - what else could one ask for!!

Happy quilting!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tonga Rhapsody

First block is complete.  Working on month 2 then I will be caught up.  Won't be able to pick up the next block until the 15th of the month.

Went to "THERAPY" (applique or whatever) this afternoon. Nine were there and  two of us (I was one of them) forgot some stuff so we just ended up socializing.  We look forward to our therapy sessions.  

Weather here in southern NH has been yucky - overcast, cool, rain etc.  Not sure when the sun will shine again.  I guess we shouldn't complain when we see what is going on in other parts of the country.

Guess I had better think about dinner - 


I just finished reading The Union Quilter by Jennifer Chiaverini this morning.

Now to get back to sashing the blocks - 10 done 130 to go.  If I  change the layout to a 12 x 12 then I will have to make an additional 4 blocks.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

The sun is finally shinning!!!  Forgot what it looked like.  Yesterday it rained ALL day with a bit of SNOW thrown in.  DH is trying to get the fertilizer down - but can't do it in the rain.  We transplanted peonies last fall and they are coming up although they won't bloom this year but at least they growing.

Just returned from church - First Church, UCC in Nashua, NH.  They bring in a 'brass' ensemble for Easter and Christmas.  Very nice service.

Yesterday DH helped me with this blog.  I hate reading HELP!!!  Why can't they just go step by step instead of putting different links embedded in the instruction - read this - go there -read this etc.  Anyway, think we got it.

Last night we went to dinner with neighbors at a German Restaurant.  Today we will go to their house for Easter dinner.  They have family in the St. Louis, MO area.  All are safe - what is happening to the weather pattern?

No sewing for me until later tonight.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

Stash City was the name chosen by my husband.  In viewing the photos below you can understand why.  This only represents a portion on my stash - there's more in the other room.  The cabinets are 30'W x 80"H x 14" D.  The two shelves in the single cabinet houses just batiks.  I guess you could say I have an addiction. Oh well, could be worse I suppose!