Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hand Piecing

I signed up for this hand piecing / hand quilting class at the Bunkhouse Quilt shop (my favorite) - I am on my 3rd block for piecing - haven't started the quilting yet - oh yeah, this is quilt as you go.  Some are only doing 4 blocks but crazy me - I said I would do the 25 - over the course of 2 years.
Now have to add the top and bottom row.  I am quite pleased.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sun Still Shining

We have had very nice, bright sun for the last few days.  A bit warm for me -80 with humidity but I can live with it.  We are very fortunate here in New England - we have some terrible winters but we don't get the tornado's like Missouri/Oklahoma/Texas/Mississippi etc..  My heart goes out to all those who lost their families/homes.

My son (landscaper) came up on Sunday and did our spring cleanup- trimmed bushes, thatched, weeded, mowed the lawn, transplanted some bushes and put down 8 yards of bark mulch.  He and his workers were here at 9am and didn't leave until 5:30.  The yard really looks nice.

I went to my daughter's in MA this morning to pick up the power washer - DH is out washing the deck so we can stain it.  Hopefully will get done this weekend.

I put the first border on my blue/yellow last night - did some calculating for the wide border  - the original layout for that was 72 x 72 so I only had 1 7/8 yard of border fabric.  I called Bunkhouse Quilt shop this morning and luckily she still had some of the yellow that I need - so tomorrow will go and buy another 2 1/4 yards - the quilt measures 50 x 74 at the present - will end up being 66 x 90. Oh well, I am sure I can find a use for the 1 7/8 - good thing I like it.

Picked up block 3 of Tonga Rhapsody - these instructions are so nice and the blocks go together nicely.

Elm Creek Christmas BOM - June block is Christmas Cactus - oh boy - is this going be a challenge.  I made the cut out by folding the paper in quarters and stapling 1/4 of the pattern on - did a little paper doll cutting - been a long time -tonight I ironed the freezer paper to the green.  Ready now to cut around the pattern leaving a 1/4 of an inch.  I probably will needleturn onto the background fabric and once started will trim the seam allowance as I go.  It is going to look nice with the red berries/green cactus on the batik background.

Have to take a rest now so I can figure out how I am going to approach this.

To all my quilting friends -good night.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blue & Yellow

Completed block 12.  These are 12 inch finished blocks and the quilt is suppose to be 5 x 5 blocks but I am not fond of square quilts so I am going to make it 4 x 6 blocks which will finish the quilt approx. 66 x 90.

There will be a 1 inch blue inner border.  The outer border is 8 inches and is yellow print.

Finally we saw SUN!

What a week.  Rained everyday.  Depressing to say the least.  But today the sun finally came out and it was warm - mid 70's.  Felt nice for a change.

Went to Bunkhouse Quilt shop this morning for our blue/yellow BOM.  Picked up the last block.  12 blocks cost me $5.00 as long as I showed the one we picked up the previous month.  Finishing kit - well that is a different story - around $60.00 without backing.  We bring  block 12 back on June 11th.   Also picked up block 3 of Tonga Rhapsody.  We don't have to do show n tell with this one.
Can't believe that I signed up for ANOTHER!!  Starts July 18 for 12 months.  I must be crazy.  This one is a 'mystery ssampler' so have no idea what color or anything.  Wanda assures us that we will like it.  She knows us so well.

DH is on his way home from Myrtle Beach.  It's at least an 18 hour drive but hauling a trailer with 3 heavy motorcycles, not sure - will see him sometime tomorrow.  Can't wait to hear what his week was like.  He has to be at work Monday at 6AM so I am sure they will be tired.

Had 8 yards of bark mulch delivered this morning.  Landscaper (son) and his guys will be here in the morning to do the spring cleanup then spread all the mulch.  I spent 3 hours today mowing the hayfield.  Took forever - must have been 6 inches high from all the rain.  Looks nice.

Back to my piecing

Happy quilting

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Another day of heavy rain.  Pretty soon we'll all be 'quacking'!!  The weather people are saying we may see that golden object called sun by Saturday.  Of course, with all this rain the grass will soon be a hay field.  I will have my work cut out for me when it dries up.  

Husband - May 2, he had hernia surgery and where is he today - Myrtle Beach, SC attending "bike" week.  The surgeon wasn't too happy saying that he does not want his patients to drive or fly 10 days after surgery.  But, John being a stubborn 'German'  left Friday at 5pm with 2 other guys in a pickup hauling 3 bikes in a trailer.  He texted me at 11 am Saturday saying they just got there.   He will get a lot of 'riding' in for sure.  He called yesterday from  the Harley dealer asking if I wanted anything - told him NO, nothing from the Harley shop but you know, you can always bring me fabric.  He told me he went by a quilt shop.  He said he wouldn't know what to get - told him that if he really really liked it, 3-4 yards, questionable - 2, iffy - 1 yard.  We'll see if he brings me any. They will pack up everything and start heading home on Saturday.

I got this crazy notion to wash the windows in this house - lots of them - I finished my sewing room yesterday so all are done in the house - garage is next  but will have to wait until the rain stops.  Getting this spurt of energy my quilting / blogging took a step back.  

Today we had a 'potluck' lunch at guild.  We voted in new offices for next year.  My friend is now president.  
There were a lot of very pretty quilts shown for show 'n' tell. 

Quiliting - I am participating in a Friendship Swap where 22 blocks are made.  Mine are complete and sent to the hostess even though they aren't due until August. 

These little triangles I cut off all 22 blocks.  Don't know what the heck I am going to do with them, but they are cute!! Approx. 1 1/4" un-finished block.  I have to be crazy.

Now have to start the next swap - due in September.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another nice day! (sort of)

Yesterday, Monday, May 2nd was Kelly's (Texas granddaughter) 16th birthday.  She has had her learner's permit for a year and now will be going for her 'real' license.  Scary!!  She already has a jeep  her father (my son) bought  for her when she got her permit.  Bad thing - when I go down I won't have access to a vehicle now.  Will have to check to see if her sister's is still registered as she is away at medical school.

John (husband)  had hernia repair yesterday.  It didn't take very long - we were at the hospital at 9am - you know all the paper work and stuff - and then they took him to the OR and we walked out of the hospital at about 11: 15.  He thought he was going to go to work today  but changed his mind when he didn't sleep well last night.  Moving slowly.  Wonder when he will start listening to me!!

John bought me an iPad2 for my birthday.  It arrived yesterday afternoon.   Takes a bit to get it set up the way you want.  I hate reading help!

Last night I went to my 'hand piecing' class at the Bunkhouse Quilt Shop.  NO rotary cutter, sewing machine etc.  have to  cut templates and draw, mark the 1/4",  hand piece - she wants 3 blocks done before we can start quilting them.  The blocks measure 22" square finished.  This is a good learning experience and really appreciate the 'modern' techniques and tools.

Today, Tuesday,  have to clean the house before I can go back in my 'room' and sew.  I suppose I should go to the grocery store but ...........

Until later
Happy quilting