Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Snow - Oct. 27, 2011

Yup, first snow fall.  Won't last though because tomorrow is suppose to be a bright sunny crisp fall day.  Way too early for this!
I had to cover up my 'mums' with sheets because they are saying we will get a killing frost - I try to keep them until after Halloween.

Oh well, I do live in New England!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Great Weekend

DH is in RI for another week.  Class ended Friday after his exam.  He drove home (2 hrs one way) to pick me up and we drove back to Providence.  Friday night we had a delicious Italian dinner @ Mediterraneo in the Federal Hill section of Providence.  It was pricey but very good.

Saturday we had breakfast at the Hilton Hotel where he is staying. After breakfast we put on our walking shoes and off we went.  We WALKED all over Providence.  From the State House to Prospect Hill down Benefit Street which is very old homes, churches etc.  This is the oldest First Baptist Church in America - 1635.  
We continued walking up hills and down hills (my muscles are beginning to hurt) toward Brown University.  I liked the doors on this Episcopal Church so had to take a photo

Ah, finally Brown University.  A nice campus with both very old buildings and some newer.  However, there were some protest tents in the court yard area.  Couldn't pass up Mr. Bear.
Continuing to India Point where a number of people were fishing from the pier for bluefish,  through the jewelry distract, along the riverwalk and back through the financial district to come across LOTS and LOTS of protesters just like in NY. Signs all over the fences but there weren't at all roudy.
Finally heading back to the hotel - past the Westin Hotel which is quite tall and pretty lit up at night.
It was a beautiful day and we must have walked close to 20 miles.  Back in front of the Hilton we looked at each other and decided we needed a coffee.  So, continuing to walk a few more blocks to the beginning of Federal Hill to DUNKIN DONUTS - back to HH and to the 12th floor for our room - ahhhh, coffee and a cannoli we bought at a nice bakery.  A little rest and back to Federal Hill for dinner at another restaurant.  Luongo's.  OK but not as nice as the Mediterraneo.  Too pricey for the amount of food.  Like a 4 inch square of lasagna and 1 meatball was $24.00.  After dinner we walked to the mall which is 3 floors of every store you could think of.  
I was in bed at 9:30 and woke in the morning with every muscle in my body aching.  Man, I didn't know I owned some of those muscles but it was a nice day.

Sunday after breakfast we drove home.  I made a flannel sheet, pillow, mattress for my granddaughter's cradle for her American Girl doll.  DH was watching a football game.  We then left for my daughter's birthday dinner taking two cars as DH left early to drive back to Providence for another week of school.

Was a very nice weekend and now back to reality.  Today it took me 3 hours to mow the lawn because the leaves are falling and it doesn't take long to fill the grass catchers.  No sewing for me today.  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Painting Saga 3

Welcome to my sewing room!!
I had to move all this stuff plus MORE to any place I could find space

Hubby at work - bagging the room.  

And here we go!!!  Spraying that blasted 'popcorn".  We borrowed the hopper sprayer from a neighbor.  Hmm, maybe he could do this as a side job!! Yeah, right.  He did 3 rooms upstairs, my sewing room and 2 bathrooms.  The formal livingroom, where the long arm is, will have to wait now until he gets home.  Hubby left last night for two weeks travel.  When he gets back he will then spray the ceiling with paint.  Then I can start painting the walls. 

Almost done with this part.
This next picture is where he put his foot through the ceiling while running cable in the attic.  Oops, I slipped he told me  Well, there was insulation all over my serger.  Took him a few years and a few bats to fix it.  Looks good.  Once it is painted nobody would know.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


 Hubby wanted to go for a motorcycle ride instead of working on my ceilings.

It was in the 80's, sunny, beautiful blue sky - couldn't ask for a nicer day here in New England.  So off we went to Jaffrey, NH via back roads to Kimball's Ice Cream.  Kimball's has been in business for a long long long time - my parents would take us to the Westford, MA location when I was little.  Anyway, the bike had to stop - as you can see, quite sinful but we haven't been there for a couple of years.  Couldn't believe how the prices have escalated - this is called a Kimball's special - $6.50 - whew - back in the 60's they were 50 cents.  Oh well, a splurge occasionally.
The only thing missing was color - very very little this weekend.  Ideal weather - warmish during the day and cool at night.  However, there are still a lot of 'leaf peepers'.  Weathermen says we are a week behind this year.  Oh well.  Nice day anyway.

Since DH has tomorrow off, may go on another ride so there goes the hope of the ceilings getting done.  He only has a week left because he will be going to Rhode Island for two weeks, then we go on vacation for 10 days.  I HATE living in chaos!!!  Especially my sewing room.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Hubby finally hung my quilt in the family room.  It makes the room looked finished.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Painting Saga 2

Well, this is my sewing room - unfinished.   Hubby has borrowed a 'popcorn' sprayer.  He tried it in the bathroom and turned out ok.  Now he is waiting for a paint sprayer to arrive - should be tomorrow or Saturday.  Had to get special nozzles for latex paint.  Once the ceilings are done then I can start rolling the walls.  In the meantime I am having 'withdrawals'.  I am going to set up my machine tomorrow and at least work on some blocks.
If you look under the shelf bracket you can see a patch of yellow for the walls.  I have blinds that go in the windows but I am not going to put valances back up,

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Painting Saga

Didn't go so well.  The painters patched the popcorn ceilings where needed.  They started to paint the ceilings - NO GOOD!!!  Popcorn lifted.  The builder never primed before painting so it has been an uphill battle every time we paint.  They said that the only way to have it come out is to hire a plaster guy, scrap the ceilings and either skim coat smooth or respray.  I am sick.  Then the colors we chose looked good on the swatch but when I painted a spot on the wall - ok but not totally liking them.  Have to live with the choices for a bit at 32.00 a gallon.  Oh well.

DH and I just walked to a neighbors and got some fresh eggs (yes, they are allowed) and borrowed a hopper to try to spray the ceilings.

I would like to sew but don't dare bring out the machine when DH is working on the 'honey do' list.


Saturday, October 1, 2011


The painters arrived this morning.  My house is in turmoil-stuff everywhere.  98% of it is sewing/quilting related.  Why oh why do I have so much stuff.  They are working on the ceilings first.  DH and I will head out to Home Depot soon to buy the colors for walls.  Two bathrooms, sewing room and living room.  Will be nice to have them done and then the job of putting everything back.  Yuck!!