Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

While most people headed off to the mall's, my favorite quilt shop - The Bunkhouse Quilt Shop in Lyndonborough, NH had their own 'Black Friday' sale. This sale was the idea of Wanda's granddaughter.  Wanda (owner) opened the doors at 5 to 7 AM.  I was there at 5:35 AM and the place was crowded.  Wanda said that people were at her door at 4:30.  Amazing what we do for a fabric sale.  All fabric was $6.00/ yard - not included were wide backs and I think flannels.  The store emptied quite a number of bolts and people were lined up for cutting for 20 mins. or so and there were 3 cutting areas.

I had to go of course to pick up my BOM's so I figured I might as well take advantage of the sale. Yes, I contributed some to keep the economy going but not nearly as much as others.
This picture was taken at 6:10 AM from just one angle of the store.
I wonder how much of the fabric that was purchased is for 'inventory'!!  I know mine is!

Now off to clean up the kitchen and start my BOM's so I don't get further behind.
I will post later about our cruise.

Happy quilting!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Last night at 7:46pm we got power. It is amazing what can make you happy.  As soon as hubby re-connected the wires from the generator back to the fuse box we were back in business.  Went to our neighbors and re-connected her because her hubby was coming home until after 10pm.  After a glass of wine to celebrate we walked back home and that Maytag started doing her thing!!  Amazing how 2 people can create so much laundry!

Up early this morning to get the house in order before we leave for vacation. Off to Logan airport (Boston) at 11:30.  I will take hand embroidery with me - working on Snowy Days by CrabApple Hill.

Happy quilting

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ready to cry!

Thursday, 10:50 am - still no power.  Phone just came back again so I at least have internet.  Now the question is - how are we going to know if the power is back on?  With the generator on the main switch is off.  Guess we'll have to depend on neighbors without generators

This morning I picked up more of the branches that fell and  raked the little ones so there are piles now around the yard.  Removed some bigger ones that fell on my forsythia which is now partially broken.

Leaving tomorrow for Texas- guess I will have to bring dirty clothes with me and wash them there for the cruise.  I am frustrated.  Hmm, wonder if 'drinking' would help!!!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 4+

OK, this is getting old.  DH got the internet up yesterday so at least I feel somewhat connected.  I just have to thank my son for getting us this generator about 4 weeks ago.  He said - :Ma, you'll never be in the dark again". Well, I figured since we had one now we wouldn't need it - WRONG!!!  Hubby got the heat, refrigerator and a couple of lights.  No water.  Needed a different plug - a 240/20A for the pump.  None to be found.  So, call my son - he went to Home Depot in Somerville, MA and go us one. So, down to his house Sunday early evening- they weren't back yet but I jumped in the shower just in case.  Got home about 7:30, DH went in the basement and installed the plug - YEAH!!!  Water and it is HOT!!!.  Our stove, a Bosch, is dual - gas cooking and electric oven.  At least we can have some sort of decent meals.  I had to move everything from the spare refrig/freezer in the garage to the freezer in the kitchen.  Lost  a bit but that's ok.

I am stressing though.  We are suppose to leave Friday am for Texas then to Ft. Lauderdale for our cruise which leaves Tues. the 8th..  I called the power company and according to the bloody recording etc, we may get power somewhere between midnight Thursday and midnight Friday.  I can't leave this house with no power!!  I am panicking

Also have a neighbor watching my Abigail (ragdoll cat).  She is going to be so pissed at me.

No sewing unless by hand -

I just made another run to the gas station to fill up the container - this is getting very very old.  I don't remember this being in the 'marriage' contract!! Oh well.  Need a cup of coffee then outside to start picking up the mess from the branches - if  I can find the bow saw.

My friend in PA called yesterday to tell me that they lost power Saturday and got it back last night at 5:15.  Also got 10 inches of snow.  So it is not just us.

Happy quilting my friends - I am jealous!