Monday, April 9, 2012


I made these pillowcases for the little girls across the street.  Sarah is 5 and Emily is 3.  They are cute little girls. Their mother had to go out and buy another pillow because they want the name pillows in the middle.  They love them.

I had to make something fun as all I  have been doing was putting things back in my 'room'.  Took forever - I went through everything and did some pitching.  Might as well do it now as I have been told by my two sons that when the time comes they will just put a dumpster out the window.  They have NO idea what is in here!!!

I have been working on my Christmas at Elm Creek that we were doing as a BOM online.  I was a couple of months behind.  I now have to do the center block which is approx. 28 x 28 - looks as though it will be a combo of machine and hand applique.  I am not a fan of fusible applique but......

Happy quilting

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nice Surprise

This morning at 8 am I heard some noises.   Looked out the window and what a nice surprise - my youngest son (lives in Winchesster, MA) owns a landscaping company - well, his men were in my yard.  Thatched, edged, limed, fertilized and fixed a few sprinkler heads. It looks so nice!!!  I have the 'best' kids (adults now) in the whole world!!

 I didn't order any bark mulch yet so will have to do that ourselves.   I'll order 7 yards on Monday.

My sewing room is about 98% back together.  Need to hang some stuff on the walls and put a bit more away. It has been a very slow process as I am going through EVERTHING and have thrown stuff.  I found stuff I forgot I owned.  All projects are nicely organized and labeled.

My Tonga Rhapsody (batiks) BOM top is done.  I have the backing and made the binding so it is all set to put on the longarm when I get around to it.  It's 92 x 106.

Tomorrow before we go to daughter's for dinner (late), DH and I are going to plan out a raised bed veggie garden.

Happy Easter to all.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Computer Saga cont.

Friday night after buying the external drive, hubby worked on the computer for 3-4 hours with no success so yesterday morning he took it to the computer doctor.  They are pretty sure that they can get all my data and restore to original working condition.  I hope so- another $120.00 ish.

Friend and I went to the quilt shop to pick up our Saturday Mystery Sampler yesterday morning.  This month was only 2 blocks - 6 1/2 inch - I have mine done.  I like to get them out of the way early so I won't be in panic mode the next time we have to go.  So far - 7 months - cost  $10.00.  I missed one month.  Not bad for a top.

In a few minutes hubby and I are going to Ikea and the Container store.  Ikea first - approx. 1 1/2 hrs. to see what we can find for sewing room stuff.  If nothing there, we know that the Container store has Elfa on sale until tomorrow night.  In a way it is good that everything had to be taken out of the room.  Gives me a good chance to clean out and throw stuff away that I know that will never get used.  Can't believe how much stuff I had packed in there.  Imagine what I would have accumulated if the room was bigger! Oh well.   Better than a 'shiink'!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Computer - UGH!!

I messed up my computer yesterday. I downloaded a program off the "net" started to install, thought it was done so hit a key to exit - now i can't get to windows. Just that bloody 'dos' screen. Hubby and I just went to the Showtime Computers and bought another external hardrive -(first one is full-have had it for a few years). Anyway, he is trying to transfer the data over to the external and then I suppose he will have to reformat the hard drive. I will most likely loose Microsoft Office becasue I don't have cd. We downloaded it from Microsoft. We'll see - if not I will download Open Office Not sure what other programs I will loose but.....

 I went to 'hand piecing' class Monday night. I haven't done anything on that for over 2 months. Forgot where I was. I did pick up my last block of Tonga Rhapsody. Now I have to work on the finishing kits. I want to get the top done this month.

 My sewing room is almost done. Hubby has a few boards to put in the closet then touch up the baseboards and put shelves in the closet. Hopefully I can start moving in this weekend. Getting close. DH wants to do 2 other bedrooms and the hall (all upstairs) next month. Our bedroom will be done in the fall.

 Happy quilting!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Today has been more productive.  The room is mostly done.  Just left to do is the closet and as you enter the room.  But now he has to stop to watch the Super Bowl.  Me, could really care less.  I just like to watch the advertisements.  Half time - not impressed with Madonna.  That's just me so I will go back to my sewing machine and finish up some crazy patch paper piecing blocks.  
Looking GOOD!!!  It was a toss up between this color and a darker - glad we chose the lighter.  

Patriots just got a touchdown.

I am getting excited about getting my room back to normal.  

Happy quilting 


It's coming along great.
Abigail has to do her inspection!  After all, she does spend time in this room with me..

The yellow looks darker in this photo.

Had to stop at 4 today to go to my brother's for his birthday party - didn't get home until 10:30pm and DH was too tired to do anything then.


DH got up early in the morning and STARTED laying the flooring.  He took today off from work.
Oh BOY!! - Here he is laying the first course.  Finally got it squared up (same as in quilting) - the first is the hardest - has to be face nailed in.  He got about 6 coursed done then had an errand to do in Nashua.  By the time we had dinner and he checked his email it was getting late.  Not too worry he kept telling me.

Looking Good!

Ready, Get Set - GO!!

Hubby picked up the nail gun Wed. night.  Thursday was not a very productive day although he did start in the morning.  Had to stop and get ready for a doctors appointment at 1pm, finished at 2:50.  We had to stop at Home Depot on the way home so figured we might as well stop for lunch/dinner at the 99 Rest. which is in the same parking lot as HD.  We didn't get home until 4pm.  Had a cup of tea then he got the room ready for the morning.
Here he is laying the first strip of the under lament.  Oh boy.  This is really going to get done!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Room update

My room is coming along.  With the yellow walls it is so bright and cheerful.  I had to empty the closet the other day which was a chore.  The closet had a built in system with shelves on each side of the center drawers.  Man, did I have stuff in there.  Stabilizer, interfacing, zippers, fabric, patterns etc etc etc.  Everything is out, holes from nails are patched so yesterday I primed the wall.  Hubby painted the ceiling in the closet tonight.  Tomorrow I will paint the walls yellow.

Carpet and padding have been ripped up.  Baseboards are off.  Tomorrow night hubby wants to paint the baseboard heat cover.  Thursday he will start putting down the bamboo flooring.  I had to buy a new saw blade for his chop saw yesterday - $90.00 on sale.  I could have had a lot of fabric for that!!  Oops, better keep quiet or the floor won't get down.  He is taking Friday off so hopefully the floor will be done before the super bowl game Sunday. We will leave around 5 for my sons - kickoff at 6:30.

The past couple of months I have listened on my iPod some really good books -
     The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom
     A Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus
     Juliet by Anne Fortier
     Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah
     Sarah's Key by Tatiana De Rosnay

Oh yeah, I did a little damage online at  Sale plus free shipping over $35.00.  I bought Kaffe Fassett fabric because I didn't have any in my stash.  Actually, I do have a project for some of the pieces.  They should come the end of this week.

Going to try to get a couple of paper pieced blocks done so good night all.

Happy quilting

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A good day

Started this morning making yogurt - well, it's still has two hours to go in the yogurt maker.  Also made a beef stew for dinner in the crockport.  A stop at Sam's wholesale for coffee and ended up spending $76.00.  Guess you can't go in for just one item.

 Then off to 'THERAPY'.  There were 8 of us there working on different hand projects.  Therapy is held the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at a local library for 2-2 1/2 hours.  Actually it is an 'applique' group but 'therapy' sounds better!!!  Was a productive afternoon for everyone.

I have been working on the last two blocks of Christmas at Elm Creek.  I really want to get them done either tonight or tomorrow so I can start the center block which is approx. 27" square and appliqued.  Need to get to my stash to pick out fabrics for the trees etc.  I have all the border blocks done so just need to sew them together once the quilt is assembled.

Phone call to Directv this afternoon for about 40 mins.  A couple of weeks ago, channel 7 (WHDH) in Boston pulled broadcasting with Directv.  They have been in negotiations but this is getting OLD!!!  Missed Betty White's 90th birthday show, golden globes plus others.  I hope they work out their differences before the super bowl.

Today it hit 52 degrees - can you believe that - 3rd week in January and I was out with a long sleeve jersey and a vest.  The next few days are suppose to be in the mid 40's.  This is so bizzare.  Hmm, wonder where the snow is!

That's about it for today - Happy quilting.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Update 2011-2012

Where did the time go!!!  Seems like we were rushing around to get everything ready for Christmas and here we are in the middle of January.

Saturday, Dec. 24,  DH and I got up around 8 am.  Forget what we did during the day but Christmas Eve we went to my daughter's and had a lovely dinner followed by 'Santa' coming.  6 grands out of 8 were there along with the parents.  This is where the fun begins.  We left around 10pm and drove back to Nashua, NH to attend church at 11pm.  We didn't get out until 12:20am, drove home and packed.  3AM we drove back to my daughter's for her to take us to Logan Airport.  We were there at 4:13AM and let me tell you the airport was PACKED!!!!  I got the 6:15am flight and DH had to get the 10am flight bound for Dallas, Texas.  Son came home from work at 2:20pm and 'santa' came again!!!  Dinner then for 17 and dessert at 7pm for additional 20ish. I didn't get to bed until midnight Christmas night.

DH and my son spent the week putting a 'lift' kit on oldest grands jeep.  Also they had to repair a leak in the upstairs bathroom sink that had started to drip in the foyer ceiling below.  Never a dull moment.  DH came home on Jan. 2 and I stayed until the 8th.  Had a couple of soccer games to attend.

Now back to reality - DH finished spray painting the ceiling in my sewing room - took a couple of coats.  We ended up having to prime the wall first.  Yesterday we finally put the color on - yellow - looks nice.  I thought I could start putting things back and then DH suggested that we put a hardwood floor in.  I just about dropped - that means that I have to empty EVERYTHING out of the built in closet system.  UGH - where am I going to put all the stuff - I already have stuff everywhere.  So we'll buy the flooring this week but then it has to sit in the house for a week to acclimate to the temperature in our house.  So, guess my room won't get done for a few more weeks.
This is the 'office' where I have piled most everything.

Sewing room painted a light yellow.  Lighting in this photo is not great.  All this stuff has to come out to put the floor down.  Depressing to say the least!!!

Oh well.

Happy Quilting