Sunday, February 12, 2012

Computer Saga cont.

Friday night after buying the external drive, hubby worked on the computer for 3-4 hours with no success so yesterday morning he took it to the computer doctor.  They are pretty sure that they can get all my data and restore to original working condition.  I hope so- another $120.00 ish.

Friend and I went to the quilt shop to pick up our Saturday Mystery Sampler yesterday morning.  This month was only 2 blocks - 6 1/2 inch - I have mine done.  I like to get them out of the way early so I won't be in panic mode the next time we have to go.  So far - 7 months - cost  $10.00.  I missed one month.  Not bad for a top.

In a few minutes hubby and I are going to Ikea and the Container store.  Ikea first - approx. 1 1/2 hrs. to see what we can find for sewing room stuff.  If nothing there, we know that the Container store has Elfa on sale until tomorrow night.  In a way it is good that everything had to be taken out of the room.  Gives me a good chance to clean out and throw stuff away that I know that will never get used.  Can't believe how much stuff I had packed in there.  Imagine what I would have accumulated if the room was bigger! Oh well.   Better than a 'shiink'!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Computer - UGH!!

I messed up my computer yesterday. I downloaded a program off the "net" started to install, thought it was done so hit a key to exit - now i can't get to windows. Just that bloody 'dos' screen. Hubby and I just went to the Showtime Computers and bought another external hardrive -(first one is full-have had it for a few years). Anyway, he is trying to transfer the data over to the external and then I suppose he will have to reformat the hard drive. I will most likely loose Microsoft Office becasue I don't have cd. We downloaded it from Microsoft. We'll see - if not I will download Open Office Not sure what other programs I will loose but.....

 I went to 'hand piecing' class Monday night. I haven't done anything on that for over 2 months. Forgot where I was. I did pick up my last block of Tonga Rhapsody. Now I have to work on the finishing kits. I want to get the top done this month.

 My sewing room is almost done. Hubby has a few boards to put in the closet then touch up the baseboards and put shelves in the closet. Hopefully I can start moving in this weekend. Getting close. DH wants to do 2 other bedrooms and the hall (all upstairs) next month. Our bedroom will be done in the fall.

 Happy quilting!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Today has been more productive.  The room is mostly done.  Just left to do is the closet and as you enter the room.  But now he has to stop to watch the Super Bowl.  Me, could really care less.  I just like to watch the advertisements.  Half time - not impressed with Madonna.  That's just me so I will go back to my sewing machine and finish up some crazy patch paper piecing blocks.  
Looking GOOD!!!  It was a toss up between this color and a darker - glad we chose the lighter.  

Patriots just got a touchdown.

I am getting excited about getting my room back to normal.  

Happy quilting 


It's coming along great.
Abigail has to do her inspection!  After all, she does spend time in this room with me..

The yellow looks darker in this photo.

Had to stop at 4 today to go to my brother's for his birthday party - didn't get home until 10:30pm and DH was too tired to do anything then.


DH got up early in the morning and STARTED laying the flooring.  He took today off from work.
Oh BOY!! - Here he is laying the first course.  Finally got it squared up (same as in quilting) - the first is the hardest - has to be face nailed in.  He got about 6 coursed done then had an errand to do in Nashua.  By the time we had dinner and he checked his email it was getting late.  Not too worry he kept telling me.

Looking Good!

Ready, Get Set - GO!!

Hubby picked up the nail gun Wed. night.  Thursday was not a very productive day although he did start in the morning.  Had to stop and get ready for a doctors appointment at 1pm, finished at 2:50.  We had to stop at Home Depot on the way home so figured we might as well stop for lunch/dinner at the 99 Rest. which is in the same parking lot as HD.  We didn't get home until 4pm.  Had a cup of tea then he got the room ready for the morning.
Here he is laying the first strip of the under lament.  Oh boy.  This is really going to get done!!