Friday, July 4, 2014

My First T-Shirt Quilt

Car t shirt 2
This all started when my husband was deployed to Kuwait. Somehow, Jim (co-worker) saw my
 Picasa album of my finished quilts. He said to John (husband), do you think there is a way to 
incorporate my collection of t-shirts into a quilt? John said – oh sure. John volunteered my
 services free of charge. I had never made a t-shirt quilt before but knew I could do it. Jim left 
Kuwait in May of 2013. Mid June I got a box with 15 t-shirts from Jim. These t-shirts
commemorated road races that he participated in. He wanted someway to display and pass
 on his collection of t-shirts to his family.
Car t shirt 1
Because this is likely to be passed on for generations, I wanted a unique design. I took pictures
 of all the shirts and brought them into EQ7 to start the design process. When I spoke with Jim, 
he said that he wanted something like a ‘spoke’ with emphasis on the first race. The center
 medallion represents his first race then from upper left clockwise the others are positioned
 around the quilt.
Car t shirt 3
The backing of stars was chosen by John. He wanted something patriotic since both work for the
 Dept. of Defense. I quilted it on my HandiQuilter Fusion with ProStitcher using Quilter’s Dream 
Select Poly and Anne Bright’s design – Vanilla Cream. This is a big quilt – 100 x 110. I am very
 pleased with the finished product; I hope Jim is as well. The quilt was sent to him and he should
 be receiving it soon. 

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  1. My goodness!!! I was so surprised to see a post. Very nice work on that quilt. It is gorgeous. Are you going on Tuesday? I need your help on that bird of paradise appliqué again. I forgot what you told me the last time!!!! Happy 4th of July!!!